We have handled transactions ranging from a few hundred net mineral acres on up to 750,000 acres of federal, state, and fee minerals. Timing is always a critical aspect of due diligence and our crews eagerly approach your project with the necessary dedication to ensure timely and accurate verification of your purchase.

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Drake was founded with the simple idea of being a full service brokerage that does not compromise service for size. We understand the importance of communication and pride ourselves on maintaining a constant open line of communication with our clients to ensure that we are efficiently and effectively meeting their goals. Over the years we have provided clients with a variety of services, including but not limited to: title examination, leasing, surface use negotiations, right-of-way acquisitions, abstracting, and various other activities involving land and energy. With Drake you will receive genuine input on the strategy and process that will be most beneficial to ensure the long term success and sustainability of your land projects’ goals, no matter how minute or ambitious. 



From a quick lease check to a full mineral ownership report, our landmen are experienced with fee title, state lease files, and federal lease and unit files. We can verify and calculate net revenue interest for all mineral, leasehold, and overriding royalty interest owners in your prospect area. We also provide full abstracting services for the rendering of title opinions.


Our landmen have experience negotiating in all types of oil and gas plays. We have leased acreage in some of the most sought after and highly competitive areas, as well as areas where land owners are leasing their minerals for the first time. We understand the economics and politics that come with oil and gas leasing in today's environment and will represent your company with the utmost professionalism.

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Our staff has considerable experience curing title defects and other issues that may exist within your leasehold. Whether it be a basic ancillary probate, or an advanced after-acquired title issue, we have experience with it all. Our strong background in this field has enabled us to have success even with the most difficult of situations.

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